Teeth Cleaning New Haven, CT

Dr. Dental is a family-owned and operated dental service provider. We are wholly committed to providing the best service to ensure our patients’ overall health. Not only do we specialize in various dental treatments, but we are also the best teeth cleaning specialists in New Haven. Our deep dental cleaning service can stop and reverse the effects of tooth decay and gum disease before affecting your oral health. Most importantly, though, dental cleaning is an effective method for protecting yourself from life-threatening diseases like stroke or cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning New Haven, CTCombining the latest tools with decades of experience, our dentists begin the dental cleaning procedure by removing tartar and plaque deposits from areas where floss or toothbrush normally cannot reach. This considerably reduces the chances of tooth decay and periodontitis. However, your dentist may even suggest root planing, a procedure that rids the roots from inflammatory agents. Finally, your dentist will polish the enamel to protect your teeth from future plaque attacks. If your dentist believes that your teeth need a little help to fight future acid attacks, they may recommend a fluoride treatment.

Paying for the Procedure

Dr. Dental is dedicated to helping the families of New Haven because their teeth and well-being are our priority. As quality service and affordability are our goals, we offer the most reasonable teeth cleaning cost to our patients. Moreover, we accommodate different payment methods, ranging from credit cards to insurance plans. We also offer to create special payment plans for our patients and provide different discounts and deals to help you save on necessary treatments. However, to keep you dental costs within your budget, we recommend that you always come in for teeth cleaning at least twice a year.

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You should schedule teeth cleaning at least twice a year or as often as recommended by your dentist. If you reside in New Haven, call at 877-608-9689 to book an appointment. You can also schedule an appointment via our online form and specify the most convenient time for you.