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Easy to Get To. Easy to Schedule.

With later weekday hours and convenient weekend hours, you don’t have to take time off or go out of your way to get to the dentist.

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At Dr. Dental we believe that everyone deserves a healthy smile and that great dental care
should just cost less.

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From credit cards to multiple insurance plans and flexible payment plans—we make it simple no matter what your budget.

From Our Family to Yours

When our family opened its first dental practice in 2004, our vision was simple: to provide quality dental care and great service so that patients would want to come back time and again. Soon our small neighborhood dental office with its 3 employees had over 1,000 patients, just in its first year. Patients would constantly thank us for a great experience, comment on the convenient hours and tell us how much they appreciated having a neighborhood dentist they could trust.

At our first Christmas gathering, we laughed over turkey and wine about how great it would be to provide this quality care and great service to other families all over Massachusetts. With that simple idea in mind, we began opening trusted neighborhood family dental offices throughout Massachusetts. Each office location was carefully chosen to provide the most convenience for our customers. It was important to our family, and our mission, to make it as easy as possible for any patient to get the care that they needed in a comfortable and friendly environment.

Today, Dr. Dental has offices throughout Massachusetts and Connecticut as well as in New Hampshire, and New Jersey. And our family continues to provide affordable, quality dental care with great service to all our patients.

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