Husky Dental: Everything You Need to Know

Husky Dental: Everything You Need to Know

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Husky Dental is one of the largest dental care providers in the state of Connecticut. Dr. Dental accepts patients with Husky Dental coverage. If you’re visiting a Dr. Dental location in Connecticut and would like to see if you’re eligible for Husky Dental, this page offers a wealth of information. We’ll explain how to apply for coverage, who is eligible, plan specifics and other useful data.

About Husky Dental

Provided in conjunction with the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership, Husky Health’s dental insurance program covers all qualifying residents of Connecticut. Husky Health insurance (of which the Husky Dental is a part of) is the state’s public health coverage program for children, caregivers, parents, the elderly, adults with no dependent children, adults with disabilities and also pregnant women. The Connecticut Dental Health Partnership (CDHP) runs Husky Health’s dental coverage, and helps state residents find quality dental care at little or no cost to plan participants. Husky Dental’s day-to-day administrative activities are handled exclusively by the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership.

Husky Dental providers in CT is just one part of the entire Connecticut Department of Social Services healthcare plans for state residents.

The Application Process – The First Step in Finding Husky Dental Providers in CT

Husky D Dental is administered under Husky Health Insurance, and there are four categories of coverage:

Husky A – Available for most Connecticut teens, parents, caregivers and pregnant women. This is the most common of all Husky Healthcare packages.

Husky B – Many states carry their own “CHIP” program (Children’s Health Insurance Program), and Connecticut’s Husky Health Plan B meets the requirements for children and teens up to the age of 19. Similar to the Husky A plan, but for individuals and families with slightly higher income levels. Husky reserves the right to adjust qualifying income levels on a yearly basis; make sure you check the latest income bracket to get a better idea of your Husky dental plan options.

Husky C – Medicaid for Connecticut residents with disabilities. If you’re familiar with Connecticut state health benefits, it’s commonly called Medicaid for the “Aged, Blind & Disabled.” The Husky Health C plan is for adults over the age of 65.

Husky D – This level is Medicaid for the lowest-income residents of Connecticut. If you’ve been out of work for a while, have a minimum wage job or don’t have a steady source of income, the Husky D plan might be the best option.

Figuring out your particular level of Husky D benefits and coverage can be confusing at times, but Dr. Dental is here to help. All of our Connecticut dental offices have knowledgeable personnel to assist you and your family. The Connecticut Department of Social Services webpage is the best place to go when applying for Husky Health insurance benefits.

For the Husky Health A, B and D plans, would-be plan participants should go to the Access Health Connecticut portal. Additionally, you can call (855) 805-4325 to speak with a Husky Health representative. The website portal or a phone call is the best way to apply. With these two methods, you’ll get faster answers to all your questions, and eligibility can also be determined before your application is completed.

The Department of Social Services office is also an excellent resource to apply. The one drawback to a DSS field office is wait time; on most days, you’ll have to wait to speak with a DSS representative. Check with your local CT state health office for hours of operation. It is recommended to arrive immediately when your office opens for prompt, attentive service.

If you’re applying for the Husky Health C plan (adults with disabilities and adults over the age of 65), please visit Connect CT website. You can also visit a DSS field office.

Note: even if you already have regular medical healthcare insurance, you have to apply for Husky Dental insurance through the Connecticut DSS office. Since Husky Dental is connected to Husky Health, you must enroll and apply with the DSS.

You can also apply for Husky Health through the CDHP. Their website includes a “How to Apply” page, with plenty of helpful information for getting the Husky D dental coverage you need for you and your family. The CDHP page includes a link to the Connecticut Department of Social Services, where you’ll need to go in order to connect with Husky providers in CT.

Regardless of how you apply to find quality care from Husky dentists, the plan providers will answer any questions you have.

Eligibility – Can I get Husky Dental Insurance Benefits?

Husky Health providers in Connecticut uses personal income to determine eligibility. On August 1, 2015, the Connecticut Department of Social Services issued new income guidelines. While these income brackets serve as a general outline for eligibility, you should contact the DSS if you’re not sure. Extraordinary circumstances (hardships, loss of employment, disability, etc.) are considered by Husky Health administrators, and you may be eligible for Husky Dental coverage. The bottom line: always double-check with a Department of Social Services representative.

If you are denied coverage, contact the DSS office directly at (855) 805-4325. Appeals and other avenues are always a possibility. Many times, Connecticut residents fill out the wrong information when applying, and this can impact the initial eligibility assessment.

Based on the latest income chart provided by the state of Connecticut’s public health department, residents can earn as little as $24,692 (for a family of 2 on the Husky A plan) and as much as $105,202 (for a family of 6 on the Husky B plan).

Husky Dental Insurance Plan: Features & Benefits

Husky Dental Benefits feature some of the best overall Connecticut dental insurance available throughout the entire state. You can view Husky Dental’ services, co-pay limits and other plan features here.

In summary, your Husky Health dental plan (depending on if you have the A, B, C or D option) covers x-rays, routine teeth cleaning, oral exams, dentures (full and partial), root canals, crowns and fillings. Additionally, orthodontic services are available to a select number of participants. For orthodontic services, Husky Dental plan participants must pre-qualify under a set of conditions.

All covered services for Husky Health plan members are provided at no cost to members, including many services you’ll enjoy at Dr. Dental. Husky Health dental care offers a different set of services for children and adults. Check the Connecticut Dental Health Partnership’s Husky Health dental plan service page for additional information.

Finding a Husky Dental Provider, CT

If you’re trying to locate a Husky health provider in Connecticut, Dr. Dental is an official provider. We’ve worked with Husky Dental administrators over the years to provide comprehensive, quality and affordable care for all eligible residents of Connecticut. You can verify Dr. Dental’s participation in the Husky Dental plan by calling (888) 445-6665.

Dr. Dental has been a Husky health provider in CT for years, and we’ll help you determine your eligibility. While laws and regulations may change from time to time – sometimes impacting the level of Husky Dental coverage available to Connecticut residents – our superior customer service remains the same. Dr. Dental is proud to be your #1 Husky Dental advocate – don’t hesitate to ask us if you have any questions about your coverage!

Looking for a Connecticut Dentist that Accepts Husky Dental? Look no Further than Dr. Dental!

Dr. Dental accepts Husky Dental insurance, and our team will work with your to optimize your plan features in accordance with our own services. Every single Dr. Dental office in Connecticut offers Husky Dental, and all of our dentists will gladly provide all the features and benefits of the plan.

In addition to Dr. Dental’s partnership with Husky Health, we also are the preferred provider for many top insurance companies in the United States, including Aetna, Metlife, Principal, BCBC, Anthem, Cigna and many others. Whether you have public assistance or private coverage, Dr. Dental will work with you to ensure the best possible customer service experience – not to mention the finest dental care in Connecticut and beyond!

Our Office Locations page shows all of the greater Connecticut Dr. Dental offices & includes dentists that accept Husky in Connecticut. For more information about how Dr. Dental can help you get the most out of your Husky Dental coverage, please call any of our offices at (877) 776-9833, or feel free to stop in to one of our Connecticut dental clinics today! With more than 15 Dr. Dental offices in Connecticut, we’re here to serve you today! Thanks for visiting our website.

Please take a look at the following resource for more information on Medicaid Dental Care In Connecticut:

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