Teeth Cleaning Services in Edison, NJ

Dr. Dental offers a wide range of services to patients in Edison, New Jersey, ensuring them of a healthy smile and guaranteeing their well-being. As dedicated professionals, we try our best to prevent our patients from putting their teeth at risk, which is why we urge our patients to visit us twice a year for thorough teeth cleaning. Through this simple process, we can eliminate the risks of tooth decay, gingivitis and even different health issues such as heart disease.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth CleaningTeeth Cleaning Services in Edison, NJ

At Dr. Dental, our dental cleaning session is divided into three procedures. First off, you have scaling, which removes tartar and plaque deposits from areas which your at-home teeth cleaning tools (i.e. toothbrush and floss) cannot usually reach. As a result, your teeth become less likely to develop cavities. At times, root planing may be required, especially since the roots are susceptible to agents that form plaque and inflammation.
The second part of the dental cleaning procedure is polishing, which is responsible for the fresh feeling you like after leaving the dentist’s office. Polishing entails scraping the tooth’s surface to make it smooth and, ultimately, able to fight the accumulation of plaque. Finally, and this is optional, your dentist may decide to apply fluoride to protect your teeth and fortify them against future plaque attacks.

Paying for the Procedure

For patients worried about teeth cleaning cost, Dr. Dental is the best option in Edison. In addition to accepting different methods of payment, we have partnered with numerous insurance providers to be able to accept an array of dental plans. We also offer flexible payment plans to keep teeth cleaning within your budget. However, if you are a new patient, you are welcome to special offers and discounts which will provide you with the best dental services for less.

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