Dentures in Allston, MA

If you’re in Allston, MA and seeking a dentist to help you obtain a new set of dentures – keep reading. Our Allston dentist has denture prototypes for you to hold and view in order to understand the difference between full or partial dentures, and which solution will be best for you. Our dental staff is happy to help you understand why you may need full dentures or partial dentures and what alternatives, like dental implants, are available.

Affordable Denture Care

Dentures in Allston, MAThe cost of dentures can vary based on insurance coverage, medical issues, and the complexity involved in each individual case. Partial dentures are less expensive than full dentures. A full denture (complete denture) is a solution when all of your teeth have already been removed are need to be extracted.  No matter your individual situation, we can guarantee that Dr. Dental will evaluate your financial and oral health options, and provide you with the most affordable choices available. Is this a procedure you need to plan for or budgetize? No problem, We will print out a plan for your dentures with all the associated costs.

As much as you’d like to come in to our office and leave the same day with a shiny set of teeth, our Allston dentist does not craft same-day dentures, simply because no good dentist can, or would. Our denture services require a standard minimum of two visits. We have to take an impression of your mouth, even for partial dentures, before we can create a full denture or a partial piece. The sooner you make an appointment, the better.

No denture work is ever a final solution because your jaw line will change with age. Our dentists will discuss with you how often your dentures will have to be refitted and the reasons as to why. There may be an occasion when you have to change from a partial denture to a full denture or from a partial denture to a bridge. The reasons behind this are important to consider before deciding on any denture solution.

Our dentist is available to consult with you about getting dentures in Allston, MA today. Setup an appointment for and see if either partial dentures or full dentures are a reasonable solution for your oral needs.