Teeth Cleaning Stratford, CT

Dr. Dental has been offering the best dental services to the residents of Stratford for many years already and has no intention to cease delivering high quality treatments any time soon. Our highly qualified dentists and oral hygienists are capable of taking care of your dental needs and of your family’s. However, you can avoid painful and costly treatments by simply visiting our office in Stratford for a teeth cleaning session at least twice a year.

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What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Stratford, CT
Our teeth cleaning procedure starts with the removal of tartar or plaque buildup on your teeth. No matter how many times you floss your brush your teeth, your in-home instruments will not be able to reach those places where plaque usually builds up. Therefore, professional dental cleaning will give your teeth a fighting chance against inflammation and plaque forming agents. As a result, your teeth will be less susceptible to cavities and tooth decay. Our hygienists are also very thorough, which is why they conclude the deep dental cleaning session with polishing (procedure where teeth’s surfaces are leveled) and fluoride treatments. Through these, your teeth will be resistant to plaque and its consequences.

Paying for the Procedure

At Dr. Dental, paying our teeth cleaning cost will never be a major concern. Aside from traditional payment modes, we have numerous discounts and offers for you to avail. Moreover, we offer flexible payment plans that allow you to enjoy high quality treatments at an affordable cost. However, you may need to talk to your insurance provider or one of our staff to find out what our dental cleaning costs include and how much you may need for future treatments.

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You can avoid a lot of medical problems that compromise your oral health and overall well-being by scheduling a teeth cleaning appointment today. Find out why Dr. Dental is the best in Stratford, CT by calling us at 877-992-6141 or by booking your appointment online.