Teeth Cleaning Methuen, MA

Dr. Dental has been providing quality dental services at affordable prices since it opened its first office in Massachusetts in 2004. This is one of the reasons why we are the first choice of families and individuals alike in the state. However, our dedication goes beyond simply providing affordable services. Through procedures like teeth cleaning, we give our patients the opportunity to save themselves from painful and costly procedures like root canals and tooth extraction. In addition to protecting their teeth, dental cleaning ensures patients’ overall health, reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.  

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

Teeth Cleaning Methuen, MARegardless of how regularly you brush or floss your teeth, deep dental cleaning is very important since your teeth cleaning tools – your toothbrush and floss – cannot completely clear plaque off your teeth. On the other hand, our qualified dentists scale, polish and fortify your teeth to remove any plaque agents and keep your teeth healthy.

To start off the dental cleaning procedure, our dentist will scrape plaque, inflammation and tartar agents off your teeth. Next, your dentist will use a polishing tool to smoothen the surface of your teeth. However, in order to protect the special enamel in your teeth, your dentist may need to clean their roots using root planing. Finally, the procedure is concluded by applying fluoride to your teeth in order to fortify them against future plaque attacks.

The procedure essentially does not require more than 30 minutes, but consider freeing up an hour of your schedule, especially if you have not visited your dentist for a while. After your upcoming session, though, make sure to practice good oral hygiene and to come in for teeth cleaning at least twice a year.

Paying for the Procedure

At Dr. Dental, our patients are our priority, which is why our teeth cleaning cost is designed to be within every budget range. We also offer a variety of payment methods to choose from aside from cash and credit cards. By partnering with top insurance providers, we can accommodate a variety of insurance plans. Moreover, we regularly roll out deals which you can check on our deals page. However, if you are still unable to cover the cost of teeth cleaning, you can take advantage of our flexible payments plans.

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Our office in Methuen, Massachusetts is open six days a week, between 10 am to 7 pm (9 am to 3 pm on Saturdays). So benefit from our flexible and convenient timings and schedule an appointment for your next teeth cleaning session by calling at 877-884-4751 or filling our online form.