Teeth Cleaning Services in Haverhill (Lincoln Ave), MA

Dr. Dental in Haverhill (Lincoln Ave), MA offers the high quality, affordable dental services which we have become famous nationwide for. In addition to serving your smile with a smile, we aim to protect your teeth and those of your loved ones through preventative dentistry services such as teeth cleaning. Even if you have been cleaning your teeth religiously, your toothbrush and floss may not effectively reach every corner of your mouth. On the other hand, professional dental cleaning will get rid of plaque and agents that can risk the health of both your teeth and overall body.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth CleaningTeeth Cleaning Services in Haverhill (Lincoln Ave), MA

We believe in the importance of deep dental cleaning to eliminate any risks to your teeth. This is why we carry out the 30-minute procedure in three stages. First off, your dentist will perform scaling, which is the process of eliminating plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth. Next, they will polish your teeth, making their surface smooth and capable of resisting plaque-forming organisms.

Finally, your dentist will move on to root planing, which is a specialized teeth cleaning process that fortifies the special enamel known as cementum, protecting it from plaque and inflammatory agents. However, if your teeth required extensive dental cleaning, you may need fluoride treatment to protect them against further damage until your next visit. Keep in mind that you need to strictly abide by good oral hygiene rules or else you will need to visit your dentist more often than twice a year.

Paying for the Procedure

Dr. Dentist puts its patients’ needs first. This is why we offer our high quality teeth cleaning service for moderate prices. In addition to accepting a wide range of dental plans, we offer our own flexible payment plans to accommodate even the tightest of budgets. We also welcome you to slash your teeth cleaning cost through our discounts and deals. If this is your first time at Dr. Dental, you can have your teeth cleaned for as low as $25 and even receive periapical x-rays and a treatment plan.

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