Teeth Cleaning Services in East Boston (Maverick Square), MA

A family-owned and operated dental service provider, Dr. Dental is dedicated to providing the whole family with a winning smile and ensuring their overall health. In addition to being top notch specialists on various dental treatments, we are the best professionals in East Boston (Maverick Square) to carry out teeth cleaning. Our professional deep dental cleaning service can stop and even reverse the effects of gum disease and tooth decay before they permanently affect your smile. What further makes dental cleaning important is its ability to protect you from numerous diseases, including cardiovascular disease, and life-threatening medical emergencies such as stroke.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth CleaningTeeth Cleaning Services in East Boston (Maverick Square), MA

Using decades of experience and the latest dental tools, our dentists will start dental cleaning by removing plaque and tartar deposits in areas which your toothbrush and floss cannot reach. As a result, your chances of periodontitis and tooth decay will decrease. However, your dentist may suggest root planning, which is a form of teeth cleaning that targets the root and protects it from inflammatory agents. To protect your teeth from future plaque attacks, your dentist will polish the enamel. They may also recommend fluoride treatment to give your teeth a fighting chance against acid attacks.

Paying for the Procedure

Visiting your dentist twice a year for teeth cleaning is the best way to keep your dental costs low. However, we go the extra mile to make your teeth cleaning cost within an affordable range by offering different payments methods, accommodating a wide range of dental plans, and creating special payment plans for our patients. We also provide different deals and discounts to introduce the quality of our services and make patients for life.

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You should schedule teeth cleaning twice a year or as often as your dentist recommends. If you are in East Boston and near Maverick Square, drop by our office on Pershing Dr. Call at 203-732-4300 or schedule an appointment via the website.