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East Boston Meridian Street Family Dentist

According to the American Dental Association, the average adult aged 20 to 64 has at least three teeth that are either decayed or missing. If you have one or more missing teeth, there are many reasons why you should consult a dentist in East Boston Meridian St, rather than ignore the problem and hope it will correct itself. Losing teeth can affect the way you chew or speak. When you have all of your natural teeth, they support each other. If you lose this support, the remaining teeth get pushed around and increase your chances of losing more teeth.

Dentist in East Boston, MA

When you go to see your dentist in East Boston Meridian St, he will explain the different options available to correct the problem. He may suggest placing a crown or bridge. A crown is a type of restoration that the East Boston dentist cements next to an existing tooth or a dental implant.

With a bridge, the two teeth either side of the gap left by the lost tooth or teeth are fitted with crowns. A synthetic tooth is then placed in the gap, where it will be supported by the two crowned teeth on either side.

A third option is to ask your East Boston dentist for a dental implant. This consists of a prosthetic tooth and a metal post, often made of titanium, which is implanted into the jaw. Although this option may be more expensive than either a crown or a bridge, an implant is stronger than natural teeth and should last you between 10 and 20 years.

Massachusetts was the home of the first-ever Dr. Dental office. Since then, we have spread to Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire and Rhode Island. In addition to our dentist in East Boston, Meridian Street, our other offices in Massachusetts are located in New Bedford, Haverhill, Chelsea, Lowell, Quincy, Springfield, Revere, Plymouth, Methuen, Jamaica Plain, Danvers, Allston and Cambridge.

If you have one or more missing teeth, or if you would like some help keeping the ones you have, why not an appointment at Dr. Dental, dentist in East Boston on Meridian Street. We are located at 55 Meridian St, near Inner Boston Harbor and East Boston Memorial Stadium. You will find us right next to the Maverick train station!

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