June 19, 2018

Is a wisdom teeth removal procedure actually…wise?

Quick answer: yes. But what are the main reasons for getting the wisdom teeth removed?


Wisdom Teeth Infographic | Dr. Dental

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Here are the primary reasons many people opt for a wisdom teeth removal procedure:

It’s crowded in there. Your mouth is a pretty cramped place. Most people have enough room for up to 28 teeth – and once 4 extra wisdom teeth come in, all sorts of problems can develop. The wisdom teeth can “push” the other teeth, resulting in a misaligned bite, chronic pain, infections, and other issues. The jaw only has so much room, so it’s a “wise” move to prevent wisdom teeth from doing damage before they’re in.

Impacted teeth = compounded problems. If the wisdom teeth don’t fully come in, they can become impacted. In this instance, the teeth aren’t able to fully form. Gum infections and alignment problems are just two dental health issues associated with impacted teeth.

Wisdom teeth misalignment. Even if your mouth has enough room to accommodate four extra wisdom teeth, they can still erupt sideways or in a crooked manner. This negatively impacts the ability to smile, chew food, and even speak properly. This reason alone is a primary motive to stay ahead of the curve (and also curved teeth) and remove wisdom teeth as soon as possible.

Decayed wisdom teeth. Once they’re fully in, some wisdom teeth are well-nigh impossible to reach with a toothbrush, floss or even an antiseptic mouthwash. As a result, the wisdom teeth can start to decay. If this happens, your mouth is subject to serious infections and much worse.

Post-surgery recovery tips.

After wisdom teeth are removed, there are some basic tips to help your recovery:

  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Apply ice frequently to curb swelling.
  • Adhere to your doctor’s recommended pill / drug recommendations.
  • Stick to soft foods (soup, bread, rice, etc.) – stay away from hard, tacky substances (especially sugar).
  • Gently “exercise” your jaw – check with your doctor for a recommended “mouth workout” regimen.
  • Stay away from all tobacco products.

Your wisdom teeth removal procedure doesn’t have to be painful. Stick to this “wise” program, and you’ll be back to normal in no time!


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