• Dental Implants & Dentures: What’s the Difference?

    Posted on June 7, 2017

    Bonding and sealants. Crowns and bridges. Preventative dentistry and dental cleanings. When it comes to dentistry jargon, many services and procedures can be easily confused with another. Yet, dental implants and dentures are probably the most commonly misunderstood terms. Dr. Dental’s team of dentists, hygienists, oral care technicians, and other staff members receive all sorts […]

    Dental Implants & Dentures: What’s the Difference?

  • How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Wellbeing

    Posted on May 18, 2017

    Did you know that oral health affects your entire wellbeing? Test your knowledge in our quiz about how taking care of your teeth affects you from head to toe.   How Oral Health Affects Your Overall Wellbeing was last modified: May 18th, 2017 by drdental

  • How to Prevent Gum Disease

    Posted on May 3, 2017

    Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is a silent epidemic in the American health system; nearly half of all U.S. adults suffer from gum disease, and roughly 9% of those cases are considered “severe.” How to prevent gum disease seems simple enough – brush and floss regularly, see your dentists every few months, etc. […]

    Tips to Prevent Gum Disease

  • Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

    Posted on April 20, 2017

    Stained teeth are often the only thing that prevents the perfect smile. Not many people can pull off that perfect smile, as unsightly and unwanted tooth discoloration affects millions of Americans, particularly adults and senior citizens. Getting your pearly whites to be “pearly” can be an obsessive task. The tooth whitening industry (which barely existed […]

    Foods That Will Stain Your Teeth

  • How Dental Health is Essential to our Overall Health

    Posted on December 12, 2016

    If you wanted to know how healthy you really are, what would be the best way to get an instantaneous, accurate, on-point and up-to-date health assessment? Step on a scale? Get an EKG? How about a detailed nutritional analysis or blood lab test results? While all of these methods can provide insight on your overall […]

  • All About Deep Cleaning

    Posted on November 16, 2016

    There’s a huge difference between regular, routine teeth cleaning and deep cleaning (scaling and root planing). Periodontal disease causes harmful bacteria that can even destroy your jaw bone and other nearby structures and in extreme cases lead to tooth loss. All About Deep Cleaning was last modified: November 16th, 2016 by drdental

    All about Deep Cleaning

  • Dental Implants: An Overview

    Posted on November 9, 2016

    Dental implants are considered a standard solution for replacing failing or missing teeth. Functioning as a substitute tooth root, the natural tissue in the bone is attached to the implant, and forms a solid groundwork for permanent substitute teeth that function, look and feel like natural teeth. Dental implants protect the bone by offering the […]

    Dental Implants: An Overview

  • Everything You Want To Know About Teeth Whitening

    Posted on November 2, 2016

    Nothing catches the eye better than a sparkling white smile. Sadly, due to smoking, excess tobacco use, age or medication, our teeth may not remain as white as they once were. Tooth whitening is a dental procedure that is carried out in a professional and safe dental setting. It is one of the most affordable […]

    Everything You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

  • All About Dental Bridges

    Posted on October 26, 2016

    Do you have a gap in your smile because you have lost one or more teeth? A dentist can rectify this with the help of a dental bridge. A bridge fills the space by replacing the space with a synthetic tooth. The teeth functioning as anchors are abutment teeth, while the false tooth is known […]

    All About Dental Bridges

  • Why Scaling and Planing are Important for Curing Gum Diseases

    Posted on October 19, 2016

    You need regular teeth cleanings for preventing periodontal (gum) disease. However, the condition can be treated with non-surgical procedures, such as scaling and planing. There is healthy gum tissue around each tooth, spanning 1 to 3mm from the top of the gum line to the base. However, if you are afflicted by plaque or tartar, […]

    Why Scaling and Planning are Important for Curing Gum Diseases