Get Dentures at Your Methuen Dentist

Dentures in Methuen, MASeeking a dentist in Methuen, MA to help you obtain dentures? Our dental team can help you in your search for partial dentures and permanent dentures. The cost of partial dentures and the price for full dentures in Methuen can vary and so can the dental work. Our staff will help you decide what dentures meet both your needs and your budget.

Age 55 is the average age for dentures in Methuen. People, however, of every age range sometimes require full dentures or partial dentures. There are many medical reasons for this, including drug use or pregnancy.

Studies have shown that one fourth of the people who do get dentures are wearing them wrong. This can lead to severe oral infections and even blood infections. Not all denture wearers will have to deal with infections or discomfort, especially our patients. Our Methuen dentists believe education is the key to preventing serious issues.

You see, partial dentures and full dentures are usually made out of an acrylic base. Our Methuen dentist will ensure your dentures, partial or full, have a pore-like, real appearance. To avoid bacteria infections, we tell patients that heavy brushing or denture soaking isn’t enough to eliminate bacteria and prevent infection. Properly fitting dentures has to be the key to avoiding bacterial and oral infections when it comes to wearing dentures. We know people believe that foaming toothpaste gets rid of bacteria. Well, this isn’t always true. The biggest cause for infections related to dentures are ill-fitting dentures!

Let our Methuen dental help you understand oral health in direct relation to full dentures and partial dentures. There are many advantages when it comes to wearing dentures, regardless of the reason behind the need, as long as your properly care for your dentures.

Our Methuen dentist can also help you understand why xerostomia (dry mouth) is associated with partial dentures and full dentures. Additionally, our dentist and our staff will help you remain comfortable wearing your dentures by discussing the benefits of oral moisturizers and other alternatives to alleviate dry mouth.

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