Get Dentures in Haverhill MA on Water St.

Want to learn about dentures in Haverhill, MA? Our Water Street dentist can help! Full dentures and partial dentures are the same in theory with some minor differences. Both types of dentures require maintenance. However, both types of denture have different levels of affordability. People in need of a Haverhill, MA dentist don’t need to search any further for answers. We offer full dentures, partial dentures, and preventative education when it comes to your oral health.

Dentures in Haverhill, MAIf you’re seeking a dentist in Haverhill, MA, our  Water Street dentist can help you decide what type of dentures meet your oral health and financial needs. In general, you have two types of denture options;  full dentures and partial dentures. Our  Haverhill, MA dentist are always available to discuss all the responsibilities that come with wearing dentures, including financial commitments in the long scheme of things.

Wearing dentures properly is important. If you’re seeking a dentist in Haverhill because your dentures no longer work, contact us. Dentures don’t stop working. Instead, we – as people- tend to grow out of them. As your mouth continues to change with age,  you will have to update your recommended denture option with realignments.  Know that how you wear your dentures will result in a good experience or a bacteria infection.  Products, like Polident, can’t address can’t prevent bacteria infections if your dentures don’t fit right.

Our Haverhill, MA  dentist will explain the denture process to you. And our dental staff will help you identify what dentures are made out of and why proper fittings are important to your overall health. We will discuss brushing, soaking, and proper fitting to eliminate cause for concern when it comes to possibly of buying dentures.  Partial dentures and full dentures do require daily care.  You will have to revisit your Haverhill dentist yearly for a proper wear check.

Fitting dentures may be done in as little as two visits here at your Haverhill dental office. Depending on your oral health, our dentist will recommend the type of denture needed for your current health issues. Partial dentures  may only require you to have to visit the dentist two or three times. If you need full dentures, it may be up to four times. Full dentures or permanent dentures can require you to go a couple of months without teeth.

Our Haverhill, MA dentist will address potential issues that may arise, including xerostomia with you. This is a dry mouth and is often related to the use of dentures or other medications you are taking. Usually an oral moisturizer can fix dry mouth but we don’t want to mask the underlining cause, which is why  you should always address the problem with your dentist first.