Dentures in Enfield, CT

Your search for an Enfield, CT dentist is over. Our Enfield denture services are available and yes, we are willing to discuss options. Permanent dentures and partial dentures are affordable options if you have missing teeth or oral health challenges. Our dentists help people understand the difference between both types of dentures and what the benefits for each type of denture are.

Dentures in Enfield CTIf you’re looking for a denture dentist in Enfield, please consider our office to meet your oral health needs. Our staff is always pleased to help educate you about preventing serious bacterial infections while wearing permanent dentures. We also discuss why partial dentures need more consideration when it comes to eating certain foods. We will also talk with you about certain prescribed and OTC medications that could impact your ability to wear dentures. Often, medication issues can be easily resolved with an oral moisturizer to cure symptoms related to dry mouth.

Our Enfield dentist has worked hard to inform people about the myth that partial dentures or full dentures smell. This is a huge oral health myth. If someone’s mouth smells and you know they wear dentures, it is cause for alarm. A bacterial infection may be brewing, if not already taking over their mouth! Bacterial infections often happen if dentures aren’t properly cared for.

Permanent dentures and partial dentures do require proper care and further visits to the dentist. The care involves soaking the partial dentures or full dentures, brushing the dentures, being careful when it comes to food choices, and regular visits to your dentist. Don’t assume that once you have dentures there is no longer a need to go back to the dentist. That is wrong. You still have to visit your dentist.

Dentures help you to avoid walking around with missing or no teeth, which isn’t good for your self-confidence or overall health. Our Enfield dentist is here to restore your smile and restore your life. Contact our office to set up a consultation appointment.