Our Meridian St. dentist in East Boston has something to say  about dentures. There are different types of dentures that you need to know about when selecting a dentist in East Boston, MA.  There are many different reasons why people have to wear either partial dentures or full dentures.  You shouldn’t be ashamed about having to wear dentures. They offer a great answer to your dental problems and they can look great too. Our Dr. Dental dentists will help you to  identify what type of denture product is best for your needs.

Dentures in East Boston, MAPeople who are seeking a dentist for permanent dentures or partial dentures have many choices in East Boston. However, our office is the only one who provides a comprehensive consultation that covers the reasons for dentures and the full denture plan – cost, type, and time commitment.

Types of Dentures

Since there are two types of dentures that may be right for you, a dental consultation with our dentists is the first step.   A partial denture is for only partial missing teeth. A full denture is a solution when someone is missing all of their teeth.
Permanent dentures can often the result of aging or an oral infection.In some cases, teeth have to be removed for make away for a permanent denture product because of extensive need or work.  Together, we can provide you with the information and help you make the healthiest decision on what type of dental work is truly needed. When it comes to dentures, the dental costs have to be affordable and we can help with this too!

Permanent dentures require your gums to heal after extractions. In most cases, the our dental patients don’t mind this because a beautiful smile is the result of our work. We also want people to know that dentures are not painful. Permanent dentures and partial dentures should not be uncomfortable, but they do not work as well as your natural teeth. Your chewing ability will only be a quarter of what you’re used to. You can work with our dental team to make adjustments to your dentures so that they work in the best possible manner for your use.

Once a mold has been made and your dentures have been designed, our dentist will need to see you twice before you can walk out wearing your dentures. Once installed, it’s important to take care of your dentures because non-care can lead to bacteria or blood infections. When your mouth shape changes, so does how your dentures fit.  Mouthwash and soaking your dentures will never be enough to prevent an infection if you don’t update how you wear your dentures. A trip to your East Boston dentist will be required every 2 to 6 years if you decide to get dentures.

Oral health is important. Let’s talk about your permanent or partial denture needs today. Please call our East Boston dental office on Meridian St. and set up an appointment today.