Get Dentures in Cambridge, MA

Dentures in Cambridge, MAWant to find a dentist in Cambridge, MA who specializes in full dentures and partial dentures?  Our oral health staff comprised of of professional dentists and hygienists will deliver to you honest information about all the pluses and negatives associated with getting full dentures (complete dentures) or partial dentures.

Finding the best Cambridge dentist for your dentures is important. You probably already know that there are many reasons why a person will be prescribed to wear dentures.  Concerns about cost, pain, time without teeth- these are all related to obtaining dentures. We understand, and we can help you get that new set of teeth you need as quickly as possible. 

Bacteria is a cause for concern for people seeking dentures.  With proper care, bacteria doesn’t have to be an issue or big cause for concern.  One thing you can do to prevent bacteria from growing on dentures is by soaking them in an anti-bacterial solution overnight. Soaking can kill close to 100 percent of denture-related germs.

Our dentists will also discuss the topic of xerostomia (dry mouth) with you, which can be caused by wearing dentures. It can also be caused by medications or even undiagnosed medical issues. Improperly fitted dentures can also cause dry mouth. Our dentist will check your full or partial dentures to make sure they are are properly fitted to your mouth. In the event that badly fitting dentures are not the cause of dry mouth, Xerostomia is often fixed by prescribing an oral moisturizer to alleviate symptoms.

If you’re seeking full dentures or partial dentures, and want information on the cost of dentures, contact us to set up a consultation appointment.  Our dentists would love to help you get your new dentures in Cambridge, MA.