Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Methuen Dentist

tooth filling in MethuenDr. Oz recently threw everyone into an unnerving state when it comes to dental fillings. Please know that our Methuen, MA dentist says you have nothing to worry about.

Yes, many dental filling materials contain toxins – but most of the toxins that they contain are materials that we come in contact with everyday – like plastic bottles we use for water, soda pop, and even milk!

Our Methuen, MA dentist can discuss dental filling options and materials with you in great detail. Most dentists are using lasers instead of drills to remove broken or infected teeth. And, like most dentists, our Methuen dental office also uses porcelain ceramic as a dental filling material.

Porcelain ceramic dental filling material looks natural, like your real teeth. This material is almost as hard-wearing as gold alloy fillings. Our Methuen, MA dentist does have access to other types of dental filling materials- but the ceramic option is the most popular, affordable, and widely used material at this moment.

Dr. Oz talked about dental fillings in the worst-case situation capacity. There are risks associated with almost any medical procedure you have. Dont’ allow Dr. Oz’s comments to distract you from visiting your dentist. Letting a cavity go too long without treatment can turn into a serious health issue. Anything from sepsis to kidney failure can occur if you fail to take care of your teeth or obtain dental fillings.

Cavity Filling in MethuenIf you have concerns about dental fillings and what Dr. Oz said, please contact us or your Methuen, MA dentist right away. Don’t ignore the issue, that is not safe nor is it a wise option. We are willing to provide you with transparent information on dental fillings that can be verified with the national Center for Disease control and the American Dental Association. Until then, please contact us for all your Methuen, MA dental needs.