Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Haverhill Dentist

tooth filling in HaverhillHave you noticed the dental filling trends our Haverhill, MA dentist on Lincoln Ave. have? Ever since Dr. Oz commenced a mercury scare associated with silver dental fillings, people have been afraid to go to the dentist to take care of cavities. Don’t be terrified! Instead, be informed!  Our Haverhill dentist is sharing evidence about dental fillings and the safety of the different types of materials used. People should share this article with anyone who is concerned about dental fillings or treating cavities.

The first thing you should know is that there are four different types of dental filling materials.  Our dentist at the Lincoln Ave. location has access to all of these different types of filling materials.

Gold alloy dental fillings are the most commonly used type of material used for back teeth. Gold alloy is also the most resilient type of filing material and it lasts twenty years- if not longer. Since gold is costly, these types of dental fillings are also expensive.  Gold fillings do entail multiple visits to the dentist. Since many people have anxiety going to the dentist, gold alloy isn’t a popular dental filling choice despite the fact that it is probably the best choice when it comes to functionality.  The reason behind this is the many visits associated with implanting the gold alloy dental fillings.

Haverhill, MA dentists tend to use a lot of silver as a choice for dental fillings.  Silver is a great possibility for protecting larger back teeth. Most people have heard that Dr. Oz doesn’t advise dental fillings that are silver. Therefore, many people are hurrying to get these types of fillings exchanged. Our Lincoln Ave. dentist office has seen an influx of these types of patients. The mercury in silver dental fillings isn’t hazardous and only causes apprehension and cause for alarm when it is drilled, like during a removal. Silver dental fillings last as long as gold alloy but without the added expense.

Porcelain dental fillings are immediately available and the most in-demand option. These types of dental fillings are not too obvious. They look like your natural teeth and they cost less than gold alloy fillings.  You will have to replace this type of dental filling more often than gold or silver fillings.

Cavity Filling with Our haverhill DentistPlastic resin dental fillings are another option for people seeking dental work in Haverhill, MA. Our dentist will tell you that the negative side associated with resin fillings is that they only work well on small cavities or small chipped areas of a tooth. These dental fillings are not as indestructible as porcelain dental fillings. The do he job in a pinch or for small and problematic areas.  If you have a large cavity, your Haverhill dentist will probably recommend a different type of dental filling material.

Let our Haverhill, MA dentist discuss the different dental filling options available to you. Give us a call today.