Let our Enfield, CT dentist answer all of the questions that you have about tooth fillings. We can help you determine what type of filling you need. Our dentist will also discuss the reasons behind why you may need a filling and how to prevent cavities in the future. Another thing our dental staff can explain is the difference between the different types of dental fillings that are available.

Our Enfield dentist can go into further detail about all the types of dental fillings currently available. Let’s start by addressing nickel vs. porcelain dental fillings and the difference between the two types of dental materials.

Enfield, CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalNickel dental fillings are long-lasting and wear very well. However, these forms of dental fillings are noticeable. Moreover, they require a two-step process that most people don’t appreciate. Nickel dental fillings can be a bit unforgiving on the neighboring teeth, which means the likelihood of additional office visits. This isn’t always the case- but it can happen and you should be aware of all the considerations needed with different types of dental filling materials.

Teeth Fillings in Enfield, CTPorcelain dental fillings are very common. The price point is great, the material wears well and is pretty resilient, and these types of dental fillings usually only require a single visit. The disadvantage is that porcelain can break with a heavy bite-force, this can mean a second or third trip to the dentist. Furthermore, porcelain isn’t suggested for molar teeth because of the pressure they apply and the material’s forgiving breaking point.

Most dentists agree that dental fillings have improved over the past two decades. Drills and gold alloy fillings are scarcely used anymore- although gold alloy is the best, longest-lasting choice available. Dental fillings are now achieved using either an air abrasion tool or a laser to make the process more comfortable for patients.

If you’re thinking about getting your dental fillings taken care of soon (and you should) in Enfield, CT, please contact us. Our Enfield dentist is taking on new patients for dental fillings and more.