Ever since Dr. Oz launched a mercury scare with silver dental fillings, people have been afraid to go to the dentist to take care of cavities. Don’t be afraid! Instead, be informed!  Our Cambridge, MA dentist is sharing some information about dental fillings. People pass this article on to anyone who is now concerned about dental fillings or treating cavities.

There are four different types of dental filling material. Our Cambridge dentist has access to all of these different filling materials.

Gold alloy dental fillings are the first type. It is also the durable type lasting twenty years – if not longer. Since gold is expensive, these types of dental fillings are also expensive.  Gold fillings do require multiple visits to the dentist. Since many people have anxiety about going to the dentist, gold alloy isn’t a popular dental filling choice despite the fact that it is probably the best choice when it comes to functionality.

Cambridge, MA Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalIn the past, dentists tended to use a lot of silver as a choice for dental fillings.  Silver is a great option for larger back teeth. Many people have heard that Dr. Oz doesn’t advise people to get dental fillings that are silver. So, many people are rushing to get these types of fillings exchanged. The mercury in silver dental fillings isn’t dangerous and only causes concern when it is drilled, like during a removal, after insertion. Silver dental fillings last as long as gold alloy but without the added expense.

Teeth Fillings in Cambridge, MAPorcelain dental fillings are readily available and the most in-demand option. These types of dental fillings are not too noticeable. They look like your natural teeth and they cost less than gold alloy fillings.  You will have to replace this type of dental filling more often than gold or silver fillings.

Plastic resin dental fillings are another option for people seeking a dentist in Cambridge, MA. The downside to resin fillings is they only work well on small cavities or small chipped areas of a tooth. They are not as durable as porcelain dental fillings but they do the job in a pinch or for small and problematic areas.

Let our Cambridge, MA dentist take a look at your mouth and discuss different dental filling options with you. Our Cambridge dentist can also discuss how to avoid getting a dental filling through preventive measures.