September 11, 2018

Brushing your teeth on a regular basis is important.

How important?

To answer the question, we looked at everything that can happen – things that make you go, “Ewww” – when you skip just one day of brushing.

And the results weren’t pretty.

Dr. Dental’s team of dentists, dental assistants, and dental hygienists witness firsthand what happens when our patients don’t regularly brush. From our perspective, there is nothing more important than consistent, disciplined oral healthcare at home – and it all starts with regular brushing habits.

The main cause of all the negative side effects of skipping brushing – which we’ll review shortly – have to do with mouth bacteria. According to dental health studies, hundreds of bacteria strains can inhabit the human mouth. Most people only have about 30-70 kinds, but even that relatively limited number of bacteria types can wreak havoc on the teeth, gums, and tongue.

Whenever one day of brushing is skipped (and who hasn’t done that every once in a while?), bacteria buildup causes all sorts of dental health risks. Let’s look at what happens you leave your toothbrush idle for only 24 hours.

Why Non-Brushing Days are Pro-Bacteria Days

Here are a few negative side effects of skipping brushing for one day:

  • Bad breath develops. It’s true – just one 24-hour period promotes bacteria growth to the point where unpleasant odor is present. Think of it this way: whenever you wake up, you have slightly stale breath. But go a full 24 hours without brushing, and don’t be surprised if even friends and family keep a safe distance!
  • Cavities start to form. Just one day of no brushing essentially rolls out the red carpet for cavity buildup. If you give bacteria one inch, they’ll take a mile – at any rate, conditions are favorable for bacteria and plaque buildup to the point where small pits form in the teeth. Those pits are the beginning stages of cavities.
  • Your mouth goes out of maintenance mode. Teeth need regular periods of maintenance and repair. Brushing helps this process with daily fluoride. When your teeth don’t have this daily infusion of helpful fluoride, your mouth can’t maintain the status quo.
  • Gums experience inflammation. Inflammation happens when the body “attacks” foreign invaders. A day of skipping brushing allows bacteria to “invade” the gums. When this happens, inflammation markers elevate immediately. Brushing keeps the bad guys at bay – it’s the first line of defense against harmful bacteria. When that initial wall is down for even one day, you’re basically allowing an invasion to happen – not ideal for optimal oral health!

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