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At Dr. Dental in Vernon, Connecticut, we make sure that every patient enjoys an experience like no other. We offer high quality dental treatments and services that allow you to flaunt a winning smile. Our dentists are highly qualified and proficient in root canal therapy, dental implants and cosmetic dental procedures. However, teeth cleaning is the most valuable of all our services despite being neglected by most. Dental cleaning is necessary if you wish to protect your teeth from problems like gum diseases or something as horrible as a stroke.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

teeth cleaning vernon ct

Your floss and toothbrush are not sufficient for eliminating tartar or plaque as they cannot reach all the parts of your mouth. This is why you need professional deep dental cleaning to get rid of plaque buildups and strengthen your teeth at the same time. At Dr. Dental, our dental cleaning is divided into three different stages: scaling, root planing and polishing. Our dentist uses the latest tools to get rid of tartar and plaque. They will then move to root planing, which is necessary to protect the roots of your teeth. Finally, the teeth cleaning procedure is concluded by scraping the surface of the teeth, protecting them against future acid attacks. If necessary, though, our specialist may apply fluoride to strengthen and fortify your teeth.

Paying for the Procedure

Our patients are our only priority, which is why we offer high quality services at prices families can afford. To ensure that our services are within your budget, we have partnered with different insurance providers and welcome plans offered by the state. We also offer different deals and discounts regularly, some of which can be used for funding other dental treatments and services. However, if you still cannot afford our teeth cleaning cost, you can always take advantage of our flexible payment options.

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