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Since opening its first office in Massachusetts in 2004, Dr. Dental has helped children and adults alike protect their teeth and ensure the health of their smile through a range of services. Our Chelsea (Broadway) office further extends the reach of our services, offering budget-friendly treatments, including teeth cleaning.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

Dental cleaning is one of the important procedures you need to undergo at least twice a year. It complements your teeth cleaning routine of flossing and brushing by professionally removing plaque, tartar and buildup which you cannot get rid of on your own. As painful as this may sound, rest assured that our professionals use the latest tools to prevent any discomfort. Our staff will further ensure your comfort through the best chair-side manner. However, we cannot guarantee how long the dental cleaning process may take. You may need more than an hour if you have not been practicing good oral hygiene habits or visiting your dentist regularly.

Paying for the Procedureteeth cleaning services in chelsea broadway ma

We at Dr. Dental believe everyone deserves a winning smile. This is why our teeth cleaning cost is within everyone’s budgets. We also offer different payment modes, starting from credit cards to insurance plans. Complementing these is a range of deep dental cleaning deals as well as discounts on popular oral care services. However, you may need to pay extra if your dentist comes across cavities or other issues during teeth cleaning. Regardless, always schedule a cleaning session once the damage is reversed to prevent painful, costly treatments later on.

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Teeth cleaning is a necessity to ward off gum disease, oral cancer and other serious dental issues. So schedule an appointment at our Dr. Dental office in Chelsea (Broadway), MA. Call us at 617-887-0600 or schedule an appointment online right away.