Teeth Cleaning Services in Bridgeport, CT

At Dr. Dental, your overall health is our priority, which is why we offer valuable services such as teeth cleaning. Complementing your daily oral hygiene routine, professional dental cleaning promises numerous benefits, including preventing gum disease, detecting oral cancer early, ensuring a healthy smile that boosts your confidence, and protecting you from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth Cleaning

A preventative dental treatment, deep dental cleaning removes tartar which develops despite careful brushing and flossing, especially in areas which toothbrushes and dental floss cannot reach. The procedure is carried by the best dental hygienists in Bridgeport and traditionally requires no more than an hour.

However, if you have not been regularly scheduling teeth cleaning sessions, you may need extensive procedures such as tooth scaling and tooth polishing. If the dentist detects cavities or early signs of tooth decay, you may need other treatments as well, such as root canals.

Paying for the ProcedureTeeth Cleaning Services in Bridgeport, CT

Dr. Dental takes pride in offering high quality dental services at affordable prices. Trust us to provide an affordable teeth cleaning cost, be it through flexible payment methods or regular deals. We also accept a wide variety of insurance plans, starting from government-offered dental plans to those by top Connecticut insurance companies. However, you should contact your insurance provider beforehand to find out its dental cleaning coverage.

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