Curious about denture myths? Our Quincy, MA dentist has decided to jot down the top 3 denture myths to help you better understand why dentures actually are a viable and affordable option!

If you wear or are in need of either permanent dentures or partial dentures, keep reading! Most dentists will agree that dental myths and dentist fear are a main reason why people don’t go to the dentists or follow through on a suggested treatment plan.

Dentures in Quincy MAIf you have partial dentures, please understand that no teeth or gaps in teeth will cause serious medical complications down the line. Don’t think that missing a few teeth is ever an acceptable option, it’s not! When you are missing teeth for a long time there are calluses that will grow on the gums. When this happens, it becomes harder for you to properly chew and digest food. Your digestive system may have to work on overload and this can cause GERD, and sometimes can result in additional medical problems including throat cancer.

Also, once you buy permanent dentures or partial dentures, understand that any Quincy dentist will have to see you again within two years to ensure they still fit properly since our facial structure changes. And, you will be required to get a new set of dentures in six to ten years depending on how much wear you put on your first or current set.

The final myth that we’re tackling today is that full dentures and partial dentures can’t be prevented. While this is true in some cases (chemical changes during pregnancy, former drug addiction, or underlying medical issues), most of the time dentures can be prevented with proper and lifelong oral hygiene. It is not ordinary for your adult teeth to fall out simply because you are older. There are other reasons why you have lost a tooth, none of which are simply because you have aged. That is a myth.

If you want to learn more about permanent dentures or partial dentures then please call or email our Quincy, MA dental office. We can talk to you about the benefits, challenges, and financial obligations that come with wearing dentures. We also have affordable options that are available for everyone and anyone.