Dentures in Plymouth, MA

Plymouth, MA denture seekers take note, we have some free information on the facts about dentures. You see, we’ve discovered there is a lot of bad information online about wearing dentures. It doesn’t matter if the dentures are permanent dentures or partial dentures, the misinformation seems to be the same. Let us be your guide to denture wearing!

If you’re seeking a dentist in Plymouth to help you obtain permanent dentures or partial dentures, go into your visit feeling confident knowing that for denture help, knowing that the denture product alone isn’t always the key to success. In fact, dentures should fit snug as bug within your mouth. It is only when your facial bones change- which they do- that you will start to need denture adhesive. As a temporary fix, this is OK. However, your dentures will have to be realigned or redesigned every two to ten years. If the dentures you have or receive start to feel loose, it may be time to meet with your Plymouth dentist.

Dentures in Plymouth MAIf you’re using a lot of denture adhesive, you could open yourself up for an oral bacterial infection. No Plymouth dentist wants to see their patients suffer through this. And there is no amount of denture soak that can help fix a gap or adhesive problem related to permanent dentures or partial dentures. So, if there is a gap or an issues, address it right away.

A traditional permanent denture or a partial denture can impact the way you talk, too. Most of the time people with dentures don’t have any full issues with their speech- that is beyond the first week of wear. However, many of the dentists in Plymouth, MA have discovered that improper fitting dentures can cause speech problems. So, again, checking in with your dentist is always a good idea if the dentures start to slip or not feel tight.

All dentures will require maintenance but with today’s dental technology, it is almost always not painful. If you’re considering dentures, please consider us as your Plymouth dentist and make an appointment to discuss permanent denture or partial denture options today!