Dentures in Manchester, NH

Dentures in Manchester, NHManchester, NH dentists know a thing or two about dentures. Both full dentures and partial dentures require continued maintenance but offer different options when it comes to wear ability and affordability. People in need of a Manchester dentist usually are looking after a dental emergency and not as a preventive measure. We all know that dental emergencies can be costly and no fun. So, we’re starting with some education as preventive measure.

No matter how old you are, if you’re seeking a dentist in Manchester for dentures, we offer affordable options. And, you have two types of denture options. Full dentures and partial dentures are the most popular options when you’re missing a lot of teeth or all of your teeth. Our Manchester dentist is always available to cite why he feels one denture product is better for you over the other.

Wearing dentures properly is also important. Some people are searching for a Manchester dentist right now because they feel their dentures no longer work. Well, our mouth continues to change as we age and no matter what type of denture you get- you will have to update your recommended option with realignments. How you wear your dentures can result in a pleasant experience or a bacteria bath that products, like Polident, can’t address. Even denture soaks can’t help bacteria related issues, so- again, how you wear your dentures is important.

We explain the denture process to you. Our Manchester dentist and hygienist staff start with everything from how dentures look to what they are made out of (acrylic based substance). Our dental staff addresses brushing, soaking, and proper fitting to eliminate cause for concern when it comes to possibly harboring dentures. Partial dentures and full dentures do require proper daily care. You can’t simply place them in your mouth and forget about hygiene or the change of jaw line. So, know up front, that you will have to revisit your dentist yearly for a proper wear check.

Get Fitted for Dentures

Fitting dentures is easy and can be done in as little as two processes. Depending on your current oral health, our Manchester dentist will recommend the type of denture you need. If you need partial dentures, you may only have to visit the dentist two or three times. If you need full dentures, it may be two to four times. Some full dentures or permanent dentures require you to go a couple of months without teeth in order to heal your gums.

Our Manchester, NH dentist will also address xerostomia with you. This is a dry mouth symptom that can be related to the use of dentures, either permanent dentures or partial dentures. Usually an oral moisturizer can fix the issue but you should always address the problem with your dentist first.

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