Denture Specialists in Lowell, MA on Church St.

Our dentist in Lowell, MA (Church St.) will help you obtain proper fitting dentures. Regardless if you need partial dentures and permanent dentures, our dental team will make your next visit comfortable and comprehensive.

Dentures in Lowell, MALet us help you by being your “go to” Lowell, MA dentist.  Bacteria is a big concern for people in need of partial dentures or full dentures. Here at our Church Street office in Lowell, MA, our dentist strives to furnish you with information on dentures, partial dentures, and denture bacterial prevention when wearing dentures or using denture products. We can also discuss issues related to bridges and other dental procedures.

For example, our Lowell, MA dentist may explain why soaking dentures kills 99% of denture germs. While you might think this is a high number, there is still a risk for bacterial or blood infection. Dentists in Lowell, MA recently sat down to discuss xerostomia (dry mouth) and denture wearing. During this conversation, our colleagues discovered that soaking still isn’t enough, education has to be key.

Poor fitting full dentures or partial dentures can lead to bacteria infections and Xerostomia. Basically, Xerostomina is caused by simply wearing dentures, by medications, or because of undiagnosed medical issues. The symptoms of xerostomia can be relieved through oral moisturizes, which our Lowell, MA dentist can recommend. Whatever dentist you decide to go with, he or she should check for a proper fitting denture. Again, education is key. Full dentures or partial dentures can cause bacteria issues and unrelated prescriptions can cause dry mouth. Dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. It is important to be honest about any recent medical or lifestyle changes, such as smoking or drug use, – even vitamins or supplements- when you visit the dentist to be fitted for dentures.

If you’re curious about the cost of dentures, contact our Church Street location in Lowell, MA for a consultation appointment.