Dentures in Jamaica Plain, MA

Are you looking for a great dentist in Jamaica Plain, MA? Look no further. Our dentist can help with full dentures, partial dentures, simple x-rays, and complicated cases. We even offer an honest cost assessment.

Dentures in Jamaica Plain, MAWe welcome second opinions on dentures.  Our Jamaica Plain dentist will discuss your denture options and provide you with a second opinion ( if needed) on partial dentures vs. full dentures. Our work is respected in the dental field and our dentist will help you understand why you may need dentures. If you have been told you need a partial denture or a full set of dentures, contact our Dr. Dental dentists today for a consult or second opinion.

As stated, there are two types of dentures we offer at our dental office.  A partial denture and a full denture are your two denture options. The cost can for dentures in Jamaica Plain can vary but our dentist offers the most professional and  affordable options.  While cost can vary  based on need, medical issues, and your specific lifestyle, the quality of our work doesn’t waiver.   

Partial dentures are usually less costly than full dentures. A full denture means all the teeth in your mouth have to be removed, which makes the process a little more expensive.  There are two types of full dentures; traditional and immediate dentures. Our dentist in Jamaica Plain will help you evaluate your oral health options to see what type of dentures are truly needed.  Immediate dentures are a bit more popular than traditional dentures simply because you’re not walking around with no teeth for months at a time. Immediate dentures are often more of an in-demand denture service because there is no healing time associated with them.

Our dentists will not put in dentures on a single visit.  Partial dentures or full dentures require a minimum of two visits.  This is because impression of your mouth have to be taken and molded, even for partial dentures- which sit upon metal framework.  The partial dentures option is a non-permanent solution and alternative to having a bridge, but impressions still have to be made of your mouth.  

Dentures will also change as your jaw line changes.  Our dental professionals will explain why this happens, but age is usually the reason.  You may  have to change from a partial denture to a full denture or from a partial denture to a bridge because of age, so your denture work can be ever-changing. The reasons behind this is important  because of possible financial obligations that come with wearing dentures.

Our Jamaica Plain, MA dentist is available to speak with you denture options. Let us help you decide if partial dentures or full dentures are a solution to your oral health challenges.