Get Dentures in Chelsea, MA near Bellingham Square

Our Bellingham Square dentist in Chelsea, MA has answers if you want to talk dentures and dental health. People often have questions about full dentures and partial dentures. Well, look no further. Our Chelsea  dentist and staff are going to set the record straight.

Denture Facts

Dentures in Chelsea, MAComplete dentures are also known as full dentures. They are made to fit the mouth of the wearer but the fitting often changes over time. Full dentures are popular with seniors who are over the age of 55. Partial dentures seem to be more well-suited for a broader demographic, although they are a viable option for seniors. 

Both partial dentures and full dentures are made from a porcelain base designed to mimic real gums- pores included. Our dentists in Chelsea can offer you more information on all the materials used to make dentures when you visit our office.  Dental implants and bridges are sometimes alternative options for people seeking dentures, but these options are more costly and dental implants can occasionally present adverse reactions.

Our Chelsea dentist will  help you decide if dentures or denture alternatives are a right match for your specific oral health needs. We can also discuss the cost of full dentures, partial dentures, and your ongoing financial commitment as you age and your jaw line shrinks. And, many insurance companies do help cover the expense of dentures- some even pay for the entire procedure.

Dentures are a great option but there are some risks involved. Ill-fitted partial dentures or full dentures can harbor bacteria that can be introduced into your bloodline. Soaking your dentures is a good practice, but bacteria can still fester. We can provide you will some great tips on preventing infections and when you need to revisit your dentist.

Still curious about getting fitted for dentures in Chelsea, MA ?  Please make an appointment to visit our Bellingham Square dental office. We love answering dental health questions.