Dentures in Bridgeport, CT

As your selected Bridgeport, CT dentist, we can help you understand the benefits associated with permanent dentures and partial dentures. Permanent dentures and partial dentures are both affordable options if you have missing teeth. There is a learning curve when it comes to wearing them either full dentures or partial dentures for the first time. And yes, it can involve some drooling.

Dentures in Bridgeport CTIf you live or work in Bridgeport and you need to get dentures – please consider Dr. Dental. We will always help educate you about the ways to prevent serious bacterial infections while wearing permanent dentures. We honestly talk about all the negatives and positives associated with wearing dentures, too. Our Bridgeport dentist has to inform you about medication complications too- so it is important to be involved in your oral health plans.  For example, many over-the-counter medications reduce the amount of spit you carry in your mouth. Dentures can do this too. If you have both dentures and take a saliva decreasing medication or supplement, you may need an oral moisturizer.

Dentures shouldn’t be cared for with toothpaste. It doesn’t matter if your dentures are full dentures (complete dentures) or partial dentures, toothpaste isn’t a good idea. Our Bridgeport, CT dentist says toothpaste is extremely abrasive and will ruin any denture. Also, food can harvest bacteria on dentures and people believe toothpaste can kill this bacteria. It can’t! Like natural teeth, both full dentures and partial dentures need to be brushed daily. This said, toothpaste isn’t the product to select for this.

Proper care for permanent dentures and partial dentures involves soaking the denture, brushing the denture, considering food choices, and regular visits. Our Bridgeport, CT dentist will discuss how to clean your partial denture or full dentures once they are properly molded. Since all types of dentures must be kept moist, denture solution is recommended. Yes, dentures can lose their shape which is why having our Bridgeport, CT dentist work with you on a post-denture care routine is important. Dentures with any type of metal attachments can tarnish and extra instructions may be provided for your after-care routine.

Wearing permanent dentures or partial dentures has many, many benefits. Plus, dentures look good, and they help keep your digestive track health vs. walking around with missing or no teeth. Our Bridgeport dentists are here to help! Contact us to set up a consultation appointment today!