Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Vernon Dentist

Teeth Fillings in Vernon, CTThe people of Vernon, CT are seeking dental fillings based on dentist rating. While that’s great, the same amount of effort should be invested into knowing why dental fillings are needed and what the safest type of filling actually is.

Dental fillings are a great way to prevent further decay and damage to a tooth so that a root canal can be avoided. The longer a decaying tooth is allowed to sit in a mouth, the more bacteria is collected and the root can actually be impacted, which is why many unattended rotting teeth go from cavity status to being in need of a root canal. Our Vernon, CT dentist can address this with you in more detail.

Right now, dentists are recommending porcelain dental fillings because they look like your natural teeth and because they are affordable. Most of the time the fillings can be provided within a single visit, however- it isn’t unheard of that a patient may have a second visit with the dentist to insert the filling.

Vernon CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalSilver dental fillings have been a point of concern. Silver fillings are a great option for people who want long-lasting fillings that cover most of a tooth and that doesn’t have to be replaced often. Our Vernon, CT dentist does discourage silver dental fillings on front teeth because the color is obvious and unnatural. For molar teeth, silver dental fillings are a perfect option.

Dental fillings don’t have to be scary or avoided. Our Vernon, CT dentist will address your specific filling needs and discuss different cosmetic options to improve your oral health and your smile!