Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Springfield Dentist

tooth filling in SpringfieldSilver fillings are also known as Amalgam dental fillings, which are all over the news as of recently. We have discovered that people seeking a dentist in Springfield, NH area are doing so to have their Amalgam dental fillings removed.

Why? These types of dental fillings can last for over 20 years. This said, they are not natural looking and there are more natural looking alternatives now.

Our Springfield, NH can take a look at your mouth and see if you are a good candidate to replace your current silver dental fillings with more natural looking porcelain fillings. Depending on the size of your filling need, your insurance, and other factors- your dentist will assess if removing the silver fillings for an improved cosmetic experience is acceptable.

Many dentists in Springfield, NH have seen an increase in people seeking to swap out their dental fillings after Dr. Oz spoke out against silver fillings. This should not be the only deciding factor if you want to change your fillings or if you need a dental fillings. Silver fillings serve a great purpose and work well with molars and the rest of your back teeth. Sure, they do not look great on your front teeth and that is understandable.

Porcelain dental fillings are a great alternative to fill front teeth cavities. These types of fillings require a one to two step process and they should be replaced every ten years or so.

Cavity Filling in SpringfieldWe can’t recommend one type of dental filling over another. Instead, our Springfield, NH office can offer you advice based on your needs after you make an appointment with us. There has not been any direct link or cause for alarm if your insurance plan or Springfield, NH dentist thinks you are better suited for silver dental fillings. There are reasons that exceed financial circumstance that may have you pegged as a candidate for this type of dental filling.

Set up an appointment with our Springfield, NH dentist today. We’re happy to discuss your dental fillings and insurance plan requirements upon your first appointment.