Don’t Wait to Get Your Cavities Filled – Visit Our Revere Dentist

tooth filling in RevereLet our Revere dentist help you when it comes to learning about dental fillings. There are four basic types of dental fillings and some subsidiary types of materials. Our dentist in Revere, MA has noticed a propensity of people needing dental fillings but not obtaining them because they are concerned about the cost of the fillings. Let us help you can calm your nerves and know what to financially expect when it comes to your next dental visit to fulfill a dental filling need.

The first type is gold alloy. These fillings are durable and they last for a minimum of twenty years. Gold is expensive and these types of fillings require multiple visits to the dentist, which is often why most people opt to go with a different type of dental filling material.

Our Revere, MA dentist offers silver fillings. These dental fillings are less expensive compared to gold fillings. They last as long as gold fillings but they are more noticeable. Most people have heard that Dr. Oz recently spoke out about the dangers of silver dental fillings. While there is a danger associated with anything and everything medically related, silver fillings are still considered safe and widely used.

Porcelain dental fillings in are very easy to obtain. In fact, they are less expensive than gold alloy fillings. These dental fillings have a natural appearance and make them less noticeable. These dental fillings do chip and wear over time and aren’t expected to last beyond a decade.

Cavity Filling in ReverePlastic resin dental fillings are great for small cavities and chips. They do not work well on large cavities. They are not as sturdy as porcelain or metal-based fillings. Our Revere, MA dentist can help you decide if you’re truly a candidate for plastic resin dental fillings or if you need to cover a larger area with a different type of material.

Cavities shouldn’t be avoided. Our Revere, MA dentist can talk to you about all the reasons why you should prevent cavities and take care of dental fillings as soon as possible.