Teeth Fillings in Chelsea, CTIf you’re in need of a dentist in Chelsea, MA then look no further. Our Bellingham Square dentist can help you with a variety of oral well-being care procedures, including dental fillings. You can’t self-diagnose the need for a dental filling. A dentist has to measure decay and verify no other underlining issues are working within your body or your mouth.

You can make an hypothesis that a dental filling is needed based on a foul smell, terrible pain, or levels of overall discomfort. Sometimes these symptoms can be a caveat that more than a dental filling is needed. Sometimes an antibiotic or a complete root canal may be prescribed. Either way, diagnosing your own need for a filling is discouraged. Instead, you’re encouraged to come into our Chelsea, MA location (Bellingham Square) to have the dentist do an oral exam.

X-rays and visual exams are always needed to help determine if you truly need a dental filling. If your Chelsea, MA dentist does decide you truly need a dental filling, he or she will discuss the options with you right in our Bellingham Square office. Right now, dentist within the Chelsea, MA area typically use one of four common resources to perform dental fillings.

Chelsea, CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalThe customary dental filling materials are gold alloy, porcelain, silver fillings, or plastic resins. All are benign and all have advantages and disadvantages. Gold alloy is always going to be a superior option because it is durable. However, gold alloy dental fillings are costly and they don’t look like your natural teeth! Most people in Chelsea, MA seek dental fillings that look and feel like their natural teeth. If this is your situation, porcelain fillings are the soundest option for you.

Dr. Oz recently talked about dangers surrounding silver fillings in association with mercury. Sure, there are dangers in everyday products but the dangers associated with dental fillings are very truncated. Silver fillings are close to the sturdiness of gold fillings but they are less expensive. They do not, however, look good on front teeth because of their color and most Chelsea, MA dentists will not recommend silver dental fillings for this cosmetic reason.

Plastic dental fillings are another inexpensive option. Your Chelsea, MA dentist may or may not recommend this option based on affordability and durability. It is suggested that you seek out more information when considering this category of dental filling material.

Make sure you set up an appointment with your Chelsea, MA dentist now to examine all of your dental filling options.