Bridgeport, CT Cavity Fillings with Dr. DentalDr. Oz recently caused a dental filling panic on his show when he talked about the levels of mercury found within silver fillings. Our Bridgeport, CT dentist wants to inform you of the truth about those amalgam fillings.

Dental fillings in Bridgeport, CT (well, anywhere) are not overtly toxic and the chances for them to cause reproductive issues are the same chances you have for hitting MegaBucks in Las Vegas. Yes, it is true- certain dental filling materials contain pollutants that may seem toxic. These pollutants are in items that come into contact everyday, such as plastic water bottles or aluminum foil.

Our Bridgeport, CT dentist can discuss dental filling options and materials with you in great detail. While most Bridgeport dentists are using lasers instead of drills to remove broken or infected teeth, drills are still used by some dentists but the pain levels are very minimal. And, like most dentists, our Bridgeport dental office primarily uses porcelain ceramic to fill in cavities.

Teeth Fillings in Bridgeport, CTPorcelain ceramic dental filling material looks natural, like your real teeth. This type of dental filling material is virtually as durable as gold alloy fillings. Our Bridgeport dentist does have access to other forms of dental filling materials- but the ceramic option is the most prevalent, affordable, and requested material. Ceramic fillings also contain no mercury.

Dr. Oz discussed dental fillings in the worst-case scenario capacity. There are risks associated with almost any medical procedure. Allowing a cavity go too long without a remedy can turn into a serious health issue. Sadly, this part of the concern of replacing dental fillings was not addressed on the show.

If you have concerns about dental fillings, please contact us. We are prepared to provide you with comprehensible information on dental fillings that can be verified with the national Center for Disease control and the American Dental Association. Until then, please contact us for all your dental needs.