Dr. Dental – Now Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental Plans!

Dr. Dental is known for family-friendly dental care, affordable prices, great deals and – perhaps most importantly to your bottom line – an extensive network of insurance providers. One of the largest and most popular dental insurance plans in the United States, Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental, is accepted at every Dr. Dental location throughout the northeast, including New Hampshire, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

More than 30 independent companies comprise the entire Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) dental network. Many times, specific Blue Cross Blue Shield dental providers are determined by your home state.

For example, dentists that take Blue Cross Blue Shield in Massachusetts are affiliated with a plan called Dental Blue 65, with extensive coverage options for every eligible state citizen.

Blue Cross Dental Insurance - Blue Cross Dental Dentists - Dr. DentalDental Blue 65 offers three different levels of care, including:

  • Dental Blue 65 Preventive (pays 100% of preventive covered services)
  • Dental Blue 65 Basic (pays 100% of preventive services and 50% of basic services)
  • Dental Blue 65 Premier (pays 100% of preventive services, 80% of basic services, and 50% of premier services)

Please note, if you find a dentist that accepts Blue Cross Blue Shield dental coverage, it depends on your state or local version of the BCBS plan. For more information, consult the Blue Cross Blue Shield medical coverage main website.

Comprehensive dental services coverage from the Blue Cross Blue Shield dental network, and Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental PPO providers at Dr. Dental – with our wide-ranging dental insurance network, you can have it all!

Blue Cross Blue Shield: Find a Dentist in Your Network

Is your dentist in the Blue Cross Blue Shield network or considered an “in network” dentist?  If not, you’re missing out on numerous benefits, including lower payments, wide-ranging care and a nationwide support network. Stop by any area Dr. Dental office for more information. We’d be happy to discuss coverage options, including which of our dental services are covered under the BCBS network.

Check out our office locations page for the nearest Dr. Dental office. To connect with one of our insurance plan consultants, call our main customer service number at (877) 776-9833.

The entire Dr. Dental team is ready to provide the absolute best dental care in the New England region, combined with the outstanding coverage offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield Dental. Thanks for stopping by. If you have any questions about dentists that take blue cross blue shield, call or stop in today!