Ameritas Dental Insurance

Ameritas provides a wide range of coverage options for you and your family. From cleanings to major dental work, Ameritas offers a dental plan to fit your family’s budget. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive dental coverage or a basic plan that covers minor procedures, your Ameritas dental insurance provider can help you find the perfect plan!Ameritas Dental Insurance

Dr. Dental accepts Ameritas at all of our NH offices. If you have any questions about your Ameritas dental insurance and how it aligns with our services at Dr. Dental, visit your nearest Dr. Dental in New Hampshire or contact us today. Let’s take a look at Ameritas dental coverage.

What to Expect with Ameritas Dental

Ameritas dental insurance includes a multi-tier service plan for customized coverage. Their three main plans are:

  • Plan 1 – maximum reward is $500 per Ameritas recipient, and the deductible is only $50 per year.
  • Plan 2 – with a yearly total benefit of up to $1,000, this plan also offers 100% coverage for preventative care.
  • Plan 7 – similar to Plan 2, but plan’s maximum benefit coverage is up to $2,000. Popular with residents all across New Hampshire.

For more information, please visit the Ameritas dental insurance portal. Simply enter some basic info for a detailed quote, or click Resource Center for additional Ameritas plan details.

With Ameritas dental insurance and Dr. Dental’s full menu of affordable dental services, we have you covered with great prices and service your dental needs with a smile!

Ameritas Dental Insurance Plans – Coverage Available at Every Dr. Dental Office in New Hampshire

With offices located throughout New Hampshire, Dr. Dental partners with Ameritas to offer quality care at affordable prices for you and your entire family.

We’re one of the leading dental offices accepting Ameritas insurance in New Hampshire, and we’re ready to help you receive the dental care you deserve today. For any questions about Ameritas dental, or if you’d like to learn more about specific dental procedures covered under your Ameritas plan, call Dr. Dental at 877-776-9833. Locate a Dr. Dental office near you today!