Dr. Dental and the Altus Dental Network: The Combination for Optimal Oral Health

Altus Dental (formerly called the Altus Dental Insurance Company, Inc.) is one of the region’s most trusted and widely-used dental care networks in the New England region. In fact, the company covers approximately 150,000 members throughout many states with Dr. Dental locations, including Massachusetts and New Hampshire.

Many of our customers already use the Altus Dental network, while others aren’t sure if they’ve covered. One thing is certain: all Dr. Dental offices in Massachusetts and New Hampshire accept Altus Dental insurance.

The Altus Advantage: Flexible Plans, Affordable Care

Altus Dental is structured with a progressive dental plan tier. Three different Altus Dental programs are available for anyone who qualifies for coverage.

Altus Dental Insurance - Altus Dental Dentists - Dr. DentalThe Altus Plus, Altus Preferred and Altus POS plans each provide a trio of coverage options:

  • Preventative Care
  • Basic Restorative Care
  • Major Restorative Care

The Altus Plus plan is sometimes referred to as the Altus Dental low plan, while the Altus Preferred and POS plans are called the Altus Dental high plan. If you’re not sure which Altus Dental plan coverage you qualify for, visit the Altus Dental contact page.

Altus Dental Costs: Which Plan is Best for Me?

Your own out-of-pocket costs and annual benefit maximum (among other coverage options) vary, based on the type of Altus Dental providers program you’re enrolled in. Generally speaking, all Altus Dental plans offer at least 50% covered costs, even for major restorative care. Routine cleanings and other minor procedures are usually covered at 100%, after a copayment or co-insurance payment.

Since every Dr. Dental location in Massachusetts and New Hampshire accepts Altus Dental, you can receive the best care around along with comprehensive coverage options.

For questions about your particular Altus Dental care plan,or information on Altus Dental and finding a dentist please give our office a call at (877) 776-9833. Or if you’re a first-time visitor, we’re happy to onboard you and your family with the Dr. Dental team. Along with Altus Dental dentists, we also accept and provide many local, regional and state insurance plans. And don’t forget our dental deals and discounts. From affordable prices to friendly dental care, nobody takes care of your smile like Dr. Dental!