Aetna Dentist in New Hampshire

Since our very first clinic opened up, Dr. Dental dentists have been providing the residents of New Hampshire the best dental services around. To complement our doctor’s skills and latest technologies, we offer a number of flexible plans on our own and welcome top insurance providers’ as well. One of our esteemed partners is Aetna.

Why AetnaAetna dentist

Aetna is one of the leading insurance providers in New Hampshire. About 45 million people nationwide rely on its services and insurance plans to avail the best medical services for much less. So in addition to helping you save at the dentist, it allows you to enjoy a number of other plans, including life and disability, medical, pharmacy, and medical management. Currently, Aetna flaunts 15.4 million dental members from New Hampshire and other states. All of them have access to over 1.1 million health care professionals working in its network.

Aetna Plans in New Hampshire You Can Apply for

Unfortunately, you cannot visit a New Hampshire dentist with an independent dental plan since the company offers this coverage only in Alaska, Arizona, Illinois, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. However, you are welcome to apply for any of the following plans to get the dental care you need.

  • Preferred Provider Organization or Participating Dental NetworkWith a PPO or PDN plan, you can avail the services of any dentist you want without a referral. However, you will be paying deductibles and annual maximums. Therefore, selecting a dentist who is part of the network will be a better idea.
  • Dental Indemnity Through this plan, you can choose any dentist you like while paying deductibles and annual maximums. Take your pick from Aetna Dental Reward and Aetna DentlFund Indemnity. Both do not require PCD while offering you value and more savings.

For more information on Aetna’s plans, direct your browser to or call at 1-800-US-AETNA (1-800-872-3862).

Every Dr. Dental Dentist in New Hampshire Welcomes Aetna Members

Whether you need to get a cavity examined or undergo a more complex treatment like a root canal, Dr. Dental is the right place to be. Each dentist in our New Hampshire network accepts Aetna dental plans and offers services that go beyond the expenses you incur. So let us take care of your dental needs while Aetna New Hampshire reduces the costs you incur. Find an Aetna dentist through and book your appointment right away.