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Things You Did Not Know About Your Smile

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

Smiles are Super-Duper (free) Mood Boosters!

Forcing yourself to smile can boost your mood when you’re feeling a bit blue. Studies show that smiling helps the brain with the release of chemicals associated with happiness.

Smiles are Impossible NOT to Share!

Smiles are contagious, and scientists in Sweden set out to prove it. Hundreds of smiles later the results showed that people had trouble frowning when looking at others’ smiles.

Smiles are Nature’s Stress Relievers

Smiles trigger the release of endorphins, which helps your body fight stress. Aside from smiling, you can also consume items like uk cbd oil in order to lower your stress levels.

Whistle (and smile) While you Work

Yep. You’re still cheesing, even when your at work. It may not be your best smile, but researches found that 30% of subjects smiled five to 20 times a day, and 28% smiled more than 20 times a day while at work.

Smiles use  anywhere from 5 to 53 facial muscles!

We’re All Born Smilers

Babies are born with the ability to smile, even babies who were born blind smile! This universal smiling leads scientist to believe smiling is an inherent way of expressing happiness.

Smiling Might Help Your Wallet

Smiles are proven to make us more attractive, appear more sociable and act with more confidence, these things can help you edge out the competition when it comes time to promotion. Of course doing your job well helps too!

Smiling = Penicillin?

While smiling won’t get rid of that cold, it does boost your immune system. Smiling, and laughter relaxes your body and helps to alleviate stress … which helps with your health!

Smiles are Easy to Spot

In fact people can recognize smiles from up to 300 feet away, making it the most easily recognizable facial expression.

Bad Smiles Don’t Exist!

Some smiles just need more attention than others, with new technologies like Invisalign and good old fashion know-how from your dentist—there’s no reason not to put your best smile forward!

Women Smile More

There could be a million reasons why women are statistically more prolific smilers, but even baby girls tend to smile more than baby boys.

There are 6 Types of Smiles

UC Berkeley psychologists found six basic types of smiles to express feelings.

POLITE: We turn up both corners of our lips, but there’s no engagement with our eyes. This type of smile is usually reserved for strangers and politicians.

ASYMMETRICAL: You know how you raise one side of your lips higher than the other, when someone’s joke isn’t quite funny? This is also referred to as a fake smile, one that tends to shine in those awkward moments!

EMBARRASSED: Head down, eyes averted … perhaps a quick dry wash of the hands. We call this the embarrassed smile, most commonly found in bad workers and inept Disney sidekicks!

GENUINE: Our lips raise up and part, our teeth may even show. Our eyes light up and crow’s feet appear on our skin around the edges of our eyes. Yep, this is the real McCoy—the holy grail of smiles, that we only break out when we’ve really been touched.

LOVING: This smile is a genuine smile with a subtle angling of the head to suggest deep affection. Mom’s are known to have this smile mastered from day 1!

SYNCHRONIZED: Combine the GENUINE and LOVING smiles with a forward-leaning body movement toward the recipient and you’ve got synchronized smiling for when you’re really enjoying the vibe!

Smiles at Work vs. Home [PIE CHART]

Number of smiles per day at home – all adults:

Five to 20 times: 46 percent

More than 20 times: 36 percent

Less than five times: 14 percent

Number of smiles-per-day at work – all adults:

Five to 20 times: 30 percent

More than 20 times: 28 percent

Less than five times: 13 percent

Smiles = 7 Years Good Luck?

A study found that the secret to a longer life might be that sweet smile of yours. Wayne State University researchers studied over 200 major league baseball cards and found that on average, those smiling in their pictures lived 7 years longer!

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