October 31, 2018

Halloween is scary. Ghosts, goblins, and all sorts of assorted ghouls. You name it, and Halloween brings plenty of fun and fearsome fright.

However, the scare show that happens to oral health after a night of binging on Halloween candy is where the frightening stuff really happens! Even the most terrifying Michael Myers flick can’t stack up to the horrors of dental damaged caused by sugar-filled Halloween treats.

Here are just some of the scary things Halloween treats can cause:

  • Cavities
  • Plaque build up
  • Bad breath
  • Tooth decay
  • Gingivitis
  • And much more

But remember, the scariest (and stickiest) treats don’t stand a chance against good oral hygiene habits and a sound strategy for Halloween snacking.

Dr. Dental has taken more than a few November & December appointments where the ravages of Halloween treats (and other bad habits) are evident. Unlike those ghosts and other monsters that go away after October 31st, the side effects of Halloween candy can stretch well into the rest of the year.

Knowing which candy to avoid will help anyone stay away from the truly scary stuff (cavities, tooth decay, etc.) on Halloween.

Stay Away from These Scary Treats

A little bit of discipline goes a long way on Halloween and days immediately following the candy-filled holiday. Sure, your children can enjoy their candy; the key is limiting the “bad” treats that can harm their teeth and gums, especially if they skip brushing every once in a while.

Keep these treats on your watch list for Halloween:

  • Sour candy. The acidic content in many of the most popular sour candy is harmful to teeth and enamel. Sour candies typically stay in the mouth longer than other treats, which gives the sugar and acid a better chance of getting between teeth, in the gum line, and in other hard-to-reach places. If your kids insist on sour Halloween treats, make sure they brush their teeth and rinse before bedtime!
  • Popcorn balls. They’re sticky. They’re sugary. They’re one of the scariest treats around, as far as teeth are concerned. Since the corn kernels can become wedged between teeth, these treats should be limited. Flossing after eating a popcorn ball is a great strategy for ensuring a clean mouth afterward.
  • Taffy. Consider taffy the stickiest, scariest Halloween treat around. Loaded with sugar and preservatives, taffy’s adhesive texture sticks to everything in the mouth, including the grooves on teeth. The longer taffy remains on the teeth, the more acid is produced – the perfect prelude to tooth decay.
  • Hard candy. Hard candy takes a long time to dissolve – it’s like that monster that keeps coming back from the dead. Like taffy, hard candy stays in the mouth for a long time, which gives the sugar and acid more time to wreak havoc on oral health.

Visit Dr. Dental for Post-Halloween Cleanings, Cavity Treatment & More

Dr. Dental, the leading dental care in the New England region, is here to help in the battle against scary Halloween treats. If you or anyone in your family could use a thorough cleaning or checkup after Halloween, schedule an appointment today! Our dental care services are the perfect antidote to those Halloween candy binges – we’ll help get your teeth and gums back on track!

Stop by your local Dr. Dental office today – we have convenient, easy to get to locations right in your neighborhood. Thanks for visiting Dr. Dental – and have a safe & happy Halloween!


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