Teeth Cleaning Services in Derby, CT

Dr. Dental is one of the leading dental service providers in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and New Jersey. However, while we specialize in different forms of treatments, we believe in the importance of preventative dentistry procedures such as professional teeth cleaning. Despite your constant efforts to brush and floss and daily, these tools cannot clean every nook and cranny. This is why deep dental cleaning is important. Carried out by a professional dentist, the process will ensure the health of your teeth and even protect you from diseases triggered by tooth decay, such as cardiovascular disease.

Dr. Dental Cleaning

What to Expect During Deep Teeth CleaningTeeth Cleaning Services in Derby, CT

Once in the dentist’s chair, your dentist will start removing plaque and tartar through scaling. Plaque is the thin film forming on your teeth while plaque is the harder, calcified version which your toothbrush and floss could not reach. This part of dental cleaning can take more than an hour if you have neglected your oral hygiene or did not visit your dentist as regularly. However, rest assured that our staff will ensure your comfort throughout.

Next is polishing, a procedure which exfoliates the tooth enamel to leave the surface smooth. As a result, your teeth can grow stronger in the face of plaque and other organisms which risk the health of your smile. Finally, you may need to undergo fluoride treatment to give your teeth the boost they need against cavities and tooth decay. However, make sure to come back in six months for teeth cleaning to keep your teeth healthy.

Paying for the Procedure

Teeth cleaning is one of the affordable services at Dr. Dental, especially since we offer numerous discounts and deals from time to time. You can also cut the teeth cleaning cost by opting for one of our flexible payment plans or signing up for dental insurance at one of our insurance partners. However, keep in mind that you will be billed extra for additional treatments which your dentist may recommend after dental cleaning.

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