June 26, 2013

Summer is officially here! We’re all excited for bonfires, fireworks and swimming, but after the initial summertime excitement wears off and you start hearing “I’m bored” from your kids, what do you tell them?

We have a fun solution: Create a summer bucket list to give your family something to look forward to – and allow everyone a chance to come up with that special must-do! The New England area is chock full of fun, family-friendly activities and destinations: Historic museums, the beach, nature hikes. Take time to gather as a family to brainstorm fun ideas of things to accomplish over the summer. Here are 25 fun, SMILE-worthy ideas to get you started, with a few tooth-friendly ideas thrown in there, too!

• Visit a local zoo
• Grow a garden
• Blow bubbles
• Color with chalk
• Plan a family picnic (with tooth-friendly foods, of course!)
• Go to a baseball game
• Visit the beach and build sandcastles
• Plan a scavenger hunt
• Take family photos and SMILE big for them!
• Attend a fireworks show
• Gaze up at the stars while lying on a blanket
• Visit a carnival
• Read a new book
• Make a bug jar and catch fireflies
• Pick fresh fruit and try a new recipe with it
• Plan a day of volunteering
• Make a stranger SMILE by doing a random act of kindness
• Go camping in the backyard
• Attend an outdoor concert
• Make a cool, tooth-friendly treat like these yogurt pops
• Play miniature golf
• Run through the sprinklers
• Watch the sunset
• Visit a local farmer’s market
• Schedule your next dental cleaning with us!

What would you include on your family’s summer bucket list? Share your ideas and make us SMILE!

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