July 1, 2016

There’s no getting around it: the human mouth can be a messy place. Sharp teeth, billion-fold bacteria, gallons of saliva and other things are inside your mouth – and somehow, the entire system works wonderfully.
The key phrase in that first sentence is, “can be a messy place.” If you take care of your mouth, it’ll take care of you. With proper dental care – courtesy of Dr. Dental – and a daily personal tooth care regimen, your oral anatomy will come up smelling like roses (actually, more like than minty fluoride toothpaste, but you get the idea).
At Dr. Dental, our focus is (obviously) on your teeth, but they’re just one part of a dynamic, interconnected arrangement that never fails to amaze.
Are you ready to take a tour inside your mouth? Open up and say, “Ahhhh!”

The teeth
You probably guessed we’d mention these first. Most adults have a full slate of 32 teeth, divided up into 3 major categories: the incisors (front four teeth, two top and two below), canines (located between the incisors and molars) and the molars (your “back” teeth, and also the largest teeth). Each type has its own specific role, and they work in unison 99% of the time. A cavity, abscess, decay or other problem in one tooth can affect the other 31 – so make sure to visit Dr. Dental regularly!

The tongue
You may not know it, but the tongue is one of the strongest muscles in the entire human body. Speech is impossible without your tongue, and many other activities we take for granted (eating, swallowing, etc.). In many ways, the tongue is your tooth’s best friend, as it constantly wipes away harmful bacteria. Speaking of which…

All those bacteria
Most bacteria are good, some are bad, while others are somewhat benign. Up to 70 different kinds of bacteria are in your mouth right now – and 10 times that amount have been found in the human oral cavity! The “probiotic” type of bacteria are good for overall oral health, while others are catalysts for gum disease, cavities and other maladies.

The palate
Kind of hard, but not too soft, the palate is the flexible, cartilage structure that comprises the roof of your mouth and the area leading back into your throat. The palate helps you chew and swallow food, along with other important functions.

When discussing oral anatomy, you can’t ignore saliva. It breaks down food, washes away harmful bacteria, helps battle bad breath and keeps your mouth moist enough to talk, chew, swallow and more. Every day, the average human produces 1 to 1.5 liters of saliva.

This is just a general overview, but hopefully this gives you a better idea of how your mouth goes about its daily business. To keep your teeth as healthy as possible, remember your own daily business: regular brushing, flossing and an antiseptic mouthwash, too. And don’t forget your dental appointments! Dr. Dental has dozens of offices in the greater New England region, and we can get your oral health on the right track today!
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