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If you’re seeking a dentist in New Haven, CT, you might be either in pain or past the due date of your annual check-up. If you’re in pain, it can be as a result of poor dental habits. Any New Haven dentist will all agree that poor dental habits equals more time away in the dentist chair and from your regular activities!

Even though you practice good dental hygiene: brushing your teeth, regularly flossing and seeing your dentist for a semi-annual checkup and cleaning, you might be engaging in a bad habit that is undermining all of the good ones. As your New Haven, CT dentist – we believe it is important for all our patients to understand that their dental health may be compromised by any one of the following bad habits. The top three worst dental habits are listed below to help you understand why they are harmful and what you can do to stop the habit.

Using Your Teeth as a Tool

New Haven dentists recently met for an industry event. During this group talk, we all agreed that patients end up relying on their teeth for any number of odd jobs- such as; tearing open a bag of chips, straightening a bent fork, ripping a price tag from clothing or uncapping a bottle of nail polish. Any of these can be traumatizing to your teeth and cause the weakened tooth to crack or even fracture. Think about the item going into your mouth before using your teeth like a tool. Let the real tools do this type of work for you.

Grinding Your Teeth

Regardless of whether you are grinding your teeth at night, during the day or both, it will end up wearing them down. Teeth grinding is often related to a nerves, such as from anxiety or stress. Wearing a mouth guard overnight can help with any nighttime grinding. If you are aware that you are grinding your teeth, you might be able to find another way to disperse your energy and combat the stress. At the marketing event, we found New Haven dental professionals noted teeth grinding as a major problem when it came to their patients’ oral health.

Using Hard-Bristled Toothbrushes

Some people believe that a firmer toothbrush is better, but that isn’t the case. In older individuals, they can do more damage than good. Again, New Haven dental professionals all agreed that as you grow older, your gums will push back and the roots of your teeth can become exposed. The root covering can easily be worn away by brushing with a hard-bristle brush that can irritate the gums and cause the teeth to be sensitive. Proper toothbrush firmness is critical to maintaining dental health.

If you’re looking for a dentist in New Haven, CT, you’re at the right place. We can discuss your specific poor and positive dental health habits with you upon your first visit.

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