January 8, 2020

Let’s do a quick pop quiz on the link between oral health and overall health. What are the benefits of regularly taking care of your teeth and gums?

  1. Better chance of avoiding sickness
  2. Decreased odds for diabetes, heart disease, and other diseases
  3. Helps in avoiding pregnancy complications
  4. A high-five from an impressed Dr. Dental dentist at your next appointment
  5. A super smile
  6. All of the above

If you answered F, you’re right on the money. All of these things (and more) are optimized by the simple act of daily brushing and flossing.

But hold on for a minute…what about C? Can a couple really improve their chances of starting (or adding to) a family with good oral health care?

Based on recent research, it certainly looks that way.

During pregnancy, rapidly changing hormone levels cause many women to develop gingivitis (inflammation of the gums). In fact, some studies show that nearly 3 in 4 women suffer from “pregnancy gingivitis.”

Within the past few years, a widely-cited study showed that women with periodontal disease—which is a direct result of pregnancy gingivitis—were more likely to suffer “higher risk indicators for adverse pregnancy outcomes,” including low birth weight.

One thing the recent body of research makes clear: every woman should take her oral health seriously leading up to, and during, pregnancy. As a result of the link between gum disease and pregnancy risks, health agencies have stepped up efforts to bring awareness to this issue.

If you’re planning to become pregnant or are already pregnant, it’s important to keep an eye on typical gum disease symptoms, including:

  • Heat and cold-sensitive teeth
  • Swollen, inflamed, or red gums
  • Loose teeth
  • Pain around the gum line
  • Bleeding gums
  • Discomfort when chewing
  • Sensitivity to brushing and flossing

Concerned about your oral health as it relates to pregnancy? Stop by a Dr. Dental office or schedule an appointment online. Our experts will provide the care and attention you need to ensure optimal oral health. If you’re a new patient, don’t forget to take advantage of our teeth cleaning special—just one of our many deals and discounts. Thanks for visiting Dr. Dental!


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