Emergency Dentist in Lowell, MAWe at Dr. Dental are on a mission; to make quality emergency dental services affordable and convenient for families in Lowell Massachusetts. We are a family owned practice for over ten years.

The emergency dentist in Lowell, MA who is responsible for your case will take a look at the damage before recommend and proceeding with the pertinent treatment. Some of our most common cases involve fractured, broken or dislodged teeth. The causes usually involve vigorous activities such as contact sports. Our dental practitioners recommend that patients control bleeding with sterile gauze or a clean cloth first. Apply a cold compress to ease any swelling.

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If your case involves a knocked out tooth, it will need to be re-implanted in the socket; and fast. As time passes, the cells on the root of the tooth start to die out. Rinse the tooth if possible and re-implant it where it was knocked out from before you seek the help of a dentist. Make sure that the tooth is picked at the crown. In a case such as this one, a crown is usually recommended.

Trauma such as cracked teeth should be treated immediately in order to prevent further damage. Our Lowell emergency dental services will ensure just that. You don’t have to break the bank to afford treatment either. We offer a range of affordable payment plans to make your ordeal less difficult on you than it already is. Pay with any major credit card. We are also in agreement with most medical insurance companies. Dental treatments are made affordable with plans such as Medicaid insurance and more. Our courteous staff will create a personalized payment plan for your dental emergency if you do not carry insurance.

You will be put under the charge of one of our emergency dentists as soon as you arrive. Families must be aware that we do not accept walk in emergency cases. Cases will only be processed on appointment. Book yours by calling us at 978-455-7056 or online through the Dr. Dental website.