Dentures in West Hartford, CT

If you live in West Hartford, CT and are seeking to (or presently are) wear dentures, you should read this article. Many people have misconceptions about dentures- especially when it comes to partial dentures vs. full dentures.

Our West Hartford dentist can help you understand why you may need a denture and what type of denture is best suited for your specific oral health situation. And yes, this includes the cost of dentures. There are two basic types of dentures. A partial denture and a full denture and the cost of the dentures do vary. For your education, our West Hartford dentist will help you decide which type of denture will benefit your lifestyle and oral health best.

Dentures in West Hartford CTThe cost of dentures is important but sometimes you may have to opt for a full denture vs. a partial denture because of need. If this is the case, we will always present the best financial options available. A full denture simply means that all of your teeth have to be removed. There are two types of full dentures, traditional and immediate. Our West Hartford dentist can help you decide if the traditional or immediate denture option is best for your circumstances. Both options require more than a single trip to the dentist. However, immediate dentures help you avoid walking around with no teeth for months, which is the case with traditional full dentures.

All dentures are custom-made in a dental laboratory from impressions taken of your mouth, which is why any type of denture process takes more than one visit. Your dentists may discover that you only need a partial denture. This is a denture that sits upon metal framework that attaches to your natural teeth. You don’t need to lose all of your teeth for this product and it is less expensive than a full denture. Partial dentures offer a removable alternative to bridges but the process and molding of your moth is pretty comparable to obtaining traditional or immediate full dentures. And, like full dentures, you may have regular upkeep as a result of normal wear and tear. This means your mouth will change as you age and the partial denture may have to be remade or refitted on occasion- which is another factor and cost to consider.

Our dentist in West Hartford CT is available to speak with you today about denture options and the cost of dentures. Let’s set up an appointment for you today!